"Well it's one strike of a match and some gasoline

One step upon those tracks and then you're history

Your heart's a billion beats a minute jumpin' out of that plane

When risk is high the times you feel most alive

You're playing chicken with a train"

                                           -Chorus (Chicken)

"So watch the sunset from the road

Stow away and take to sea

Pack your bags and know your heart will break with every time you leave

And when you go, I hope you know

Those scattered pieces of your heart will make you whole"

                                                               -Chorus (Make You Whole)


Allegra's newest album, Little Victories, is a soulful lyrical compilation of trials, errors, triumphs and pitfalls. Allegra writes in hopes to inspire her listeners and to tap into those deep and hidden little corners of the soul that we all have and don't get to explore quite often enough. 

So read away, listen intently and get lost in your heart while drinking in the liquid love that is Allegra Duchaine's lyrics and melody.
Be inspired, be provoked, be charmed, be amazed by Little Victories.